We exist to make growing brands, graphic designs and 3D animations thrive and help become a way of life in the markets where we operate. We also applied first-class Innovation & creativity in the way we respond to every brief and work to always offer the best communication and advertising solutions to our clients.

Our Services

We perform the following services for our clients’ connection with the planning and preparing of advertising for your product(s) or service(s):


Creating brands that build and sustain trust through consistency and unique identity campaigns.

PR & Social Media

When public perception and reality need alignment it is time for a little PR. Harness the power of social media marketing to attract attention and weave the consumer into the fabric of your brand image.

Digital Marketing

We enable our clients to extend the reach of their advertising campaigns with digital marketing, through creative campaigns using applications and sites that reach mobile, banner ads, & digital outdoor advertising.

Graphic Design

At Cutting Edge, we consider design a problem-solving discipline and use visual solutions to solve business problems.

Media Buying

As your media buying/planning agency, we will aggressively negotiate media terms and track all your advertising results.


Professional photography covers a wide range of different specialisms. We provide photography when needed.

Audio Production

Radio Advertising reaches almost 95% of targeted consumers when they are statistically at their least distracted. Cutting Edge will create a powerful, engaging message and target the right demographic you need for the results only we can deliver.