Information Communication Technology

IT Support Contract Features & Benefits

  • Anti-Virus Service. We provide you with Anti-virus software and ensure that your network is protected.
  • Installations of operating systems
  • Installation of software packages (ICT, Civil, electrical, Mechanicals etc.) Software development
  • Live Monitoring. With early warning alerts, we will inform you of any possible errors that we pick up from your computer systems
  • Preventative Maintenance. Maintenance and support tasks will be performed to ensure the ultimate speed and smooth running of your computers on your network.
  • Microsoft Patch Management. We update your Microsoft operating systems and applications with the latest updates, in a controlled manner thus improving your security.
  • Hardware and Software Audit. Microsoft license keys and hardware audits will help you to manage your IT budget
  • Usage Policy. We enable you to control which software applications will be permitted on your network.
  • Data Backup We continuously assess the integrity of your backups, do test restores and report monthly

Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration (DNS)

  • An easy and friendly Domain Name Registration service where we take care of everything to register.
  • Use your registered Domain Name to host your very own business email and website with us.
  • Cutting Edge Limited Web hosting for a business is a reliable and professional service which enables your business to host a website.
  • Your Domain name is required to be renewed every year and part of our service is to send you a reminder each year to ensure you never lose your Domain name.

CCTV Solutions

Elements for a CCTV Solution include:

  • • compliance with Privacy Legislation and industry/equipment standards.
  • engagement with the community, businesses, and law enforcement stakeholders.
  • the location and mounting of the devices.
  • network connectivity options.
  • integration with existing alarm and access systems.
  • development and implementation of new policies and procedures.
  • ongoing maintenance; and
  • archiving, securing, and sharing of data.

Network Communications

Our expertise encompasses all facets of IP applications including:

  • IP network design
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • IP telephony
  • Network security
  • Wireless networking
  • Routing and switching
  • Service provider technologies

In addition, we provide the most cost-effective fiber-optic design and engineering options; we can also help within developing business plans and feasibility studies. This ensures the network solution not only fits well from a technology perspective but also makes sense as an investment. It’s our know-how that sets us apart.

Network Communications services include:

Business Planning

  • Economic analysis and business plans
  • Market research
  • Technology review
  • Product selection and analysis.
Project Management
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Management of IP initiatives
  • RFQ, RFP management
Design and Engineering Services
  • Network design and engineering
  • Operational support systems design
  • Network management system design.
Network Construction Management
  • Management of vendors and contractors
  • Provisioning networks
Network Operation and Maintenance
  • Network maintenance
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) • Equipment installation
  • Monitoring and trouble resolution
  • Network upgrades
  • Vendor / service provider management